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Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Somewhere special

Hey there !

A friend of mine had a great idea to spend the night with photography. We waited until it was dark to drive into the city and do something we never did before.

First to notice, we did some lightpainting, which was really funny by the way.
Second, it was in a car park on top of a mall, which was already closed. We took the driveway to get up and down.
Third, I did my first street photography tries.

So when my buddy tried his first HDR shots, I explored a view from over the top. Standing on a roof was a cool experience and the people looked so far away.

Without a little help from outside I would have stayed this weekend at home. What a shame.
So now there are a few cool pictures, which are worth to show. Also one which shows my buddy do some work. He was marked by this adventure too.
Lets see how he worked.

He didn't understood why I was photographing everything that came in my way. But at home at least I knew it when I saw this picture, which looks awesome for my opinion. A real pice of street photography.

We were on our way out of the car park right through this driveway you see above.
The feeling was great, we did a great job. He had a few RAW's for his HDR's and I had a few classy shots. Relaxed and cool was our way home.

Ah, you realize what I said at the start... We did lightpainting. Nah, more my buddy was doing lightpainting. All what I had in mind was to thank you early readers with my rare talents.

So thank you for reading and see you again !

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