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Samstag, 30. Juli 2011


Hey you!

I had a shooting with a colleague this week. She is funny, easygoing and an amateur theater actress at the National Theater in Mannheim, Germany. So I thought about showing her as an actress. Starting with a "simple" portrait of her.

There she is, Nicole.
She did the make-up herself. I asked her if she could do this and she told me that they are learning to make up themselves at the theater. What I sometimes think, especially now since I'm shooting models, is that when women hear the word "Photo shoot" something in their minds just makes *click*. Maybe I write my thoughts in another post later.

So, we had a nice location in Frankenthal.
The next two ones are just different from their editing. The columns look so cool from the side that I had an idea of her watching out of these. The shot itself was really good, but it's a little better in black&white. Nicole asked me at the shooting if I could make one picture where you just see only one color beside black&white. So I took the same twice.

First black&white

And then duo chromatic

The contrast is different and the second has a vignette. I like both a lot and can't decide which is better. What's cool is that you can't really tell if this is shot in a small village or in a capital. For me, it looks like a setting of a movie. There we are again, actress.

The next picture is taken at a basement door which Nicole found at the side of a building. I could sit on the stairs, very relaxing. I placed the flash unit a bit more downstairs to get a dramatic feeling with her shadow behind and the structured wall in front . The idea behind came from detective movies. She says something like "I hear some none pleasant things inside".

So that's it.
If you want to see some more pictures, go to my flickr account which you can find on top of this page.

Thank you for reading !

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