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Sonntag, 18. September 2011

International Motor Show 2011

Hey folks !

It's been a while since my last post. Meanwhile my iMac broke, so I had a hard time with alternatives.
But it doesn't stop me to move forward.

Yesterday my friends had a spontaneous idea to visit Frankfurt. Good idea !
After finding a car lot, what took 1 hour, we finally arrived at Frankfurt Fair.

First I want to say, that my pictures just contain concept cars. I don't want to take part in merchandising or anything else. All other cars there can be seen at your car centers.

So, station number one was BMW. There we were greeted by their concept e-cars. E for electronic, the way mobility is going. The car is kept in blue and white, typical company colors.

The BMW i8 Concept. Really nice car. A lot of glass and an eye for weight reduction, but there are some others which can outscore this. But a closer look at this i8 is worth it.

Did some shots of BMW's other cars, but nothing new to see. The commercials are telling everything.

The whole hall is rented by the bavarians so we moved on to another hall looking after some great pictures. We found one.

Next station: Ford.

Object of interest: Ford Evos Concept.

Really awesome light and a great moment where the name is reflected by the car. You don't see it, but the car has got 4 doors, the entire back area at a side is one. Some wonderful design work.

What should I say, words are unnecessary when you got this images.

To show just how awesome all cars looked I got a portrait of driver's buddy since 2007. He wanted to say hello.

Not really a concept car, but kind of. Let's see when they will be available.

As we moved on, there was a super scene. Audi was racing at the Frankfurt Fair ! I couldn't belive it, that you could enter the pit lane. Inside of all the action this picture emerged:

OK, just kidding :)

But the angle was perfect and a really hot hostess stood beside me and watched what i did. As if I show you the result! It's an DTM race car, so it's okay with me to show this. For non-racers, the DTM is the German Touring Car Championship ("Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft").

Next one is a partnership between Smart and BASF. A little favorite of mine, cause i work at the four great letters. First, take a look:

It has got the first production stage synthetic wheels, really lightweight. I pulled them up at their booth.
Next thing you can see, when you look inside the window. What looks like a honeycomb are transparent solar cells and transparent OLED's (Organic Light Effect Diodes)... wonderful. All in all this car was my personal highlight. Of course, an e-car.

My personal highlight hall was Mercedes Benz'. It has got three floors and a amazing roof. To show a bit of it, I made a panorama. It is not technical perfect, but shows the scenery.

Please click on it, so you can see it large !
(Blogger does not support such large pictures)

Mercedes Benz Panorama

And one from this wonderful roof (please also click on this one to see it in large, it's worth it!):

To end this story there is nothing better than a picture of what it's all about: motors!
We want power, efficiency and quality. Like a heart in us humans, the motor keeps on running everything.

A thanks to every engineer which creates something so many people are infected!

See you in two years at the next "IAA" in Frankfurt !

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